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Re: [ftpmaster@debian.org: kdenetwork_3.1.1-1_i386.changes REJECTED]

On Tue, Mar 18, 2003 at 09:14:43AM +0100, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> On Tuesday 18 March 2003 08:48, Chris Cheney wrote:
> > I will try to upload fixed debs for kdenetwork and kdepim once I get a
> > computer again...
> >
> > Of course this minor bug is too heinous to allow the packages to go in when
> > they fix many more important bugs.
> Chris,
> can you fix this in CVS at least so I can finish off my debs for woody which 
> will go on ftp.kde.org for the release ?

I don't have access to a computer I can do that on right now. I should
be getting more computer parts this weekend or early next week though.
If you want to fix it yourself just look at one of the other copyright
files for example of what to put in, make sure it mentions both:

/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL and /usr/share/common-licenses/Artistic

for copies of the full licenses.


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