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Re: Excessive KDE mem usage

torsdagen den 6 mars 2003 20.03 skrev Casper Gielen:
> KDE is using excesssive amounts of memory. Currently it uses over 800 mb
> after boot. Many KDE programms hover around the 80 megabytes (virtual)
> memory
Something is wrong for you. (unless you are using some very memory consuming 
non-x86 architecture).
For me, each KDE applications uses something that maybe averages to 10MB. 
Meaning that some use less, and some more virtual memory. I have 256MB ram, 
and starting KDE goes without using any swap. The normal level for me, with a 
lot of KDE applications loaded, and after some time, is around 140MB swap 
used. Xfree86 in itself is a memory hog, using 50MB VM right now, kmail 
second with 30MB.


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