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Re: customizing desktop icons

Hello Charles,

thank you very much for your answer to my question!

I asked:
> How can i change this shell to another icon (the mozilla-dragon or
> the openoffice-gulls)?

Charles de Miramon <cmiramon@kde-france.org> answered:
> Right-click on the icon
> Select 'properties' 
> On the property windows click on the icon and you'll get the dialog for 
> selecting another icon.

And that was what i tried before - only that in the upcoming
properties-window that shell-icon is not "clickable",
that is: nothing at all does happen when i click on it :(

My system is debian-based and i have installed all the kde-3.1 packages
(with one exception: the internationalization package)
and i did not find any error in the installation logs
(as far as i remember). I compiled all these on my machine,
because for several reasons it was impossible to use the

Any idea what may have gone wrong?

With regards,

Bernt Christandl

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