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Re: KDE woody debs on CD ?

Le Mercredi 19 Mars 2003 13:29, Ralf Nolden a écrit :

> As commercial distros get less and their money shrinks so will their
> support for KDE in terms of employing people fulltime like Waldo. So I'm
> trying to find a way that will possibly lead us to the situation where the
> KDE project can finance itself better and maybe in a the future being able
> to employ developers.
> Ralf

The easiest way to make a few euros is selling the Live KDE-CD at shows by 
volunteers. KDE-France made some money with it and I guess that KDE-Ev made 
some money at Cebit (using your packages). Selling CDs all around the world 
is a cumbersome task : you will need a EU VAT number, a way to clear the 
payments, somebody to mail the CD's, a Visa Card account. A lot of work for a 
very little amount of money.

If we want to raise more money for KDE Ev, I think a much more interesting 
parth would be to ask money from the European Commission as we have a big 
majority of our programmers and users are from 'Old' Europe and that the R&D 
programs are looking for truly European Programs to finance. But it is a bit 
offtopic to talk about that here, it is more a kde-promo topic.


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