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Re: KDE meta-package suggestions

I like the following combination of what's already been suggested:

kde-core (arts, libs, base - for people not needing a full-blown KDE
kde (all of the official release excluding -dev and kdesdk, i.e.,
    the KDE for general users);
kde-devel (-dev, kdesdk, other devel stuff like kdevelop, qt3-designer,
    also kdbg, kprof and kcachegrind should be included IMHO - I'd argue
    that kde-devel should be a metapackage for developing KDE apps and
    for general development within a KDE environment, not just a
    metapackage for devel stuff that's part of the official KDE release)
kde-extras (3rd-party apps that aren't devel-specific)

I'm also quite happy with the idea of splitting toys and games into a
separate metapackage, aka Daniel Schepler's suggestion.


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