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Re: k3b package [was Re: How Do I Burn CDs?]

On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 07:11:51PM -0500, Jean-Michel Kelbert wrote:
> On 03/03/03 at 18:57 David Bishop (tech@bishop.dhs.org) wrote :
> > You won't find me complaining about what you do or do not do in your spare 
> > time*, even when I really, really, want the app you are packaging.  Good luck 
> > in whatever your endevours take you to next :-)
> I don't know if I will package it, or not. As a said previsously, I had
> to see what should be the best for packaging it !
> Should I modify the source, or not ?

It it's that big a deal to you, yes!  If every distribution starts
modifying it, because they *do* have an easy to use way to setup
permissions, then pretty soon the wizard code will just be dropped
upstream.  I can garuntee the authors of k3b don't like having to
maintain that anymore than you like it being there :-)

> You will find a package of k3b on http://people.debian.org/~kelbert/
> It don't have modify any line of the upstream code in this package.
> Feel free to report any bug directly to me. Don't use the BTS.

I just downloaded it, seems to work fine.  Of course, I have all the
config still from the karolina version, so I didn't even see the wizard
again :-)  The only thing of note is that it appears to be compiled with
some sort of debugging turned on (?).  At least, it is extremely verbose
when started from the command-line.  And while I *like* my apps with
debugging enabled, to make better bug reports, I know that isn't
generally the "ship" state.

I must take this chance to say thank you, I was starting to really hate 



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