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[no subject] "cut" command not working as expected "DriveReady SeekComplete" errors with new hard drive $LANG and su seems strange 'apt-get upgrade' Over Slow Connection Re: 'DriveReady SeekComplete' errors with new hard drive ** Exim4 + perl + autoreply with attachments. + and * in update-alternatives' output -w flags on the cd .Xclients, .xinitrc, .xsessions not read by sys what to use? .xsession-errors: event->keyval: xxxxx, event->state:0 / is ext3 mounted as ext2 /. debate /bin/bash: Permission denied /etc/profile and X Re: /etc/profile no longer used /home not mounted was Re: inode error, linux won't boot /usr/bin/apt-listchanges: No such file or directory Re: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ltcl /var/run/ - no such file or directory 2.4.20 => no wireless network 2troubles 3 Question:Kernel 2.5.69, sensors and mplayer 3c59x and 2.4.18-1-686 kernel 3c59x.o && kernel 2.4.18 3c920 in 2.4.20; "network unreachable" 3d acceleration with Radeon mobility 4 Speaker support 4.3.0 485 Modelos de Cartas Comerciais por Apenas... 6-1 Card reader 8 buttons mouse! 8139too driver options Info Algérie unresolved symbol in bridge.o [Again] small mail server & IPTABLES Re: [Alsa-user] Re: bizarre ALSA problems with SBLive... -- SOLVED Re: [debian-user] Converting to UTF-8 from ISO-8859 [Fwd: Virus Detected and cleaned by Viruswall..!!] [Help...Help] LDAP + Proftpd .... [OT HUMOUR] Conversation between SCO and AIX [OT] 4-way split screen on Dell laptop 8000 [OT] Bogus undelivered message [OT] ergonomic setups [OT] Grace problem [OT] IBM clicky keyboards (was Re: ergonomic setups) [OT] Lustre filesystem Re: [OT] Printer Languages [OT] Printer Languages (WAS: Re: [OT] Printer recommendations) [OT] Printer recommendations Re: [OT] Printer Recommendations Re: [OT] Printer recommendations Re: [OT] Printer Recommendations Re: [OT] Printer recommendations [OT] prune cups job log [OT] Virus homur [OT]: Linux poll at Novell [OT]What is Dynix Re: [Partially Solved] upgrade to testing messed up lilo [PEAR-DEV] Re: Proposal: A need for simple development helping tools/scripts [possibly OT] squirrelmail login problem [solved] make menuconfig Re: [SOLVED] can't access machine after upgrade ! Re: [Solved] Large X Fonts after switching to font server [SOLVED] Re: Q: Pointers to configure SMTP AUTH [SOLVED] Re: XFree86 ctrl:swapcaps Re: [SOLVED] System freeze after random program crashes associated with kernel oops [Urgent] Samba problem Re: [Users-l] security bug in BIND9 ``Can't exec'' during installs ??? A4 paper size not available for printer abispell fr. for Abiword(Debian-Sid) Abiword dependency problem in testing? Re: About to format the hard drive for the 3rd Debian installation-helpppp Re: About to format the hard drive for the 3rd Debian installation-helpppp About to format the hard drive for the 3rd Debian installation-helpppp Access to Windows partition Accessing a NFS mounted directory as a user. ACPI & button "reset" ACPI HOWTO (draft #2) Activating vim color? Ad-hoc 802.11b internet access add a guest user? add-printer failed Adding 3Ware RAID to existing Debian adding a directory to apt sources Re: Adding LSI MegaRAID module Adding more files to a iso image? Re: Address book sharing ADI Soundmax 1881 (intel chipset) w/ ALSA Drivers An advice for VPN Advice needed : Oracle and Debian Linux Advice on tuning bogofilter agpgart module, gui, and system responsivness RE: AIC7xxx drivers Thunder K7x Pro RE: AIC7xxx drivers Thunder K7x Pro .. booting off SCSI INSTEAD? Alc-65 alias in .xsession aliases versus functions allow sftp, deny ssh login ALSA / Debian / OSS / Inspiron ALSA as modules_image ALSA won't detect SB128 ALSA/SBLive problem ALSA: Kernel Oops... alsaplayer looping etc. Amavis-postfix or other (woody) Amaya amaya was Re: Good Open Source Web Development software AMD processor compatibility another traffic shaper Re: Anti Open Source Psyops / "Mind Tweakers"? (they'll never believe we're really aliens dept) Anti Virus Software Antivirus- Clamscan - Exploit.IFRAME.Generic Re: Anyone using an LS-120 or "Superdisk" with debian? anyone using mailutils-imap4d? Anyone using Ricochet? (and installing perl modules) Apache broke on me (unstable) Apache default install not enough for multiple domains/users apache isn't working Apache mod-ssl HOWTOs? Apache2 unstable x86, configuration issues. Application font Apply a linux patch to a Debian kernel apt hangs apt list-bugs question APT newbie question apt resources apt too big for its britches apt-build problem apt-get - install additional libraries apt-get can't find nvidia contributed driver package apt-get dist-upgrade question apt-get dist-upgrade wants to remove gnome-core! (testing) The last update was on 05:37 GMT Mon May 11. There are 4506 messages. Page 1 of 10.

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