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Re: 3 Question:Kernel 2.5.69, sensors and mplayer

On Wednesday 11 June 2003 22:04, Tinus Kotzé wrote:

> 3) Can somebody tell me what is needed for mplayer to autodetect my alsa
> drivers? XMMS is workings perfectly with alsa plugin, and so is Xine.
> I'm still brushing up on my scripting skills... With mplayer configure
> it just states  the follownig
> ---<snip>---
> Checking for OSS Audio ... yes
> ---<snip>---
> Checking for ALSA audio ... no
> I also tried forcing it with --enable-alsa. I installed alsa-source and
> compiled it with make-kpkg.

You probably need to install libasound2-dev

Torquil Macdonald Sørensen, http://folk.uio.no/tmac

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