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Re: Access to Windows partition

Florian Ernst wrote:
Hello Piero,

Piero wrote:

I mounted my hard disk's windows partition (fat32) with "gid=winusers"
(the group to which I belong) and umask=113 as options. Correctly the
directory /windows ant its subdirectories had uid 0 (default), gid
winusers, and permissions "rw-rw-r--".
Nevertheless, when I tried to do "ls -l /windows" or "cd /windows"
under my own logname, I got the message "permission denied". I could
do such operations (at least "ls -l") logging as root.

Is it normal?

Just a shoot in the dark:
Did you completely log out and then log in again after adding yourself
to the winusers group?
AFAIK changes in group memberships will only apply after the next

In this case, what can I do in order Linux Mozilla and Windows Mozilla
to share address books and bookmarks? (I thought of symlinking them).

First of all: better try to use the same release on both platforms.

When using Mozilla I set symlinks from abook.mab, bookmarks.html,
cookies.txt and the Mail and News folders to the corresponding windows
Unfortunately there were some drawbacks:
Sometimes Mozilla doesn't follow the symlink when saving a file (ie. a
mailbox) but creates it anew thus thrashing the symlink. That's why I
set up some folder symlinks...

It worked for me for some time, but then I quit using Windows at all, so
I don't know how good / stable this solution is. YMMV...


What do you mean by folder symlink?

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