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Re: Apache mod-ssl HOWTOs?

* ScruLoose (scruloose+debuser@eastlink.ca) [030602 21:22]:
> Hi everybody,
> I've got apache 1.3 installed and running pretty much "straight out of
> the box", and I have mod-ssl installed but not configured yet.  
> On a Woody box, that is.
> I want to have regular http access to most of the stuff on my server,
> but also a "private" area that would require https *and* some sort of
> user authentication (I assume auth-basic over https would be fine).
> I have a single, dynamic IP address; so my domain is accessed through
> dynDNS.  According to the mod-ssl manual, I canNOT solve this using
> virtualhosts... https virtualhosts won't work without having separate IP
> addresses, apparently.

Have you read this?




> So I *think* what I need to do is to have two separate invocations of
> apache running all the time: one listening for http on port 80 and the
> other listening for https on port, umm... 443 I think it was.

If you want to do this, don't use mod_ssl.  Just install apache and
apache-ssl; the two packages do precisely this: run a non-ssl webserver
and an ssl-only webserver that coexist independently.

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