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Re: Anti Virus Software

Quoting Vivek Kumar <vivek@gorave.net>:
> Hi guys,
> Any recommendation for email anti-virus software ??
> Thanks a bunch for your help..

amavisd-new and ClamAV (free in both senses) and H+BEDV's AntiVir and
F-Prot (both zero cost for personal, non-commercial use).  All three
have programs to update the signature database (put them in a cron job).

OpenAntiVirus (OAV) is free, written in Java, and updated
infrequently.  ClamAv takes the OAV database as a starting point and
updates it frequently.  Plus is is written in C (less memory and CPU

If you were only going to run one, I'd pick AntiVir, F-Prot, and
ClamAV in descending order.  However, each has caught a virus that the
other two missed.

For commercial use, there are several good ones.  RAV has just been
acquired by MicroSoft.  It is considered likely that Linux support
will be dropped.  License term are a major selling point.  Licenses
can be per-user, per-server, or per-domain.


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