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Apache2 unstable x86, configuration issues.


I got a couple of problems with Apache2 (latest unstable version) and I
don't really know how to fix these myself, so i'm requesting help here.
Could you be so kind to group reply? Since I am not on this list, i
might miss your answers.

1) Server Side Includes
I have a vhost that needs SSI, in apache2.conf there is a section that
tells the server all files matching "\.shtml(\..+)?$" are to be
processed with the INCLUDES OutputFilter. Only that is not enough so it
seems. So I have put these in my httpd.conf file:
| AddType text/html .shtml
| AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml 
and have AllowOverride All for the vhost's document root and in the
directory containing the .shtml files is a .htaccess telling 'Options
+Includes'. I tried numerous combinations of leaving the AddType out,
etc. Still, it doesn't work.  Any clues are welcome, since I have tried
all I know, except for the old 1.3 approach (AddHandler server-parsed
.shtml). But I want to do this the 2.0.xx way.

2) Virtual hosts
By default, apache2 ships with an apache2.conf that tells
'NameVirtualHost *'. With only that directive, one can't have *:80 and a
*:443 vhost on a single server. Apache2 tells you you can't mix * vhosts
with *:port vhosts. So I add 'NameVirtualHost *:80' and same for 443 in
my httpd.conf file, and change my vhosts configuration. This works now,
but apache keeps complaining 'NameVirtualHost *:0 has no VirtualHosts'.
How do you UN-NameVirtualHost a NameVirtualHost?
If I change my default vhost's <VirtualHost *:80> to just *, the message
disappears, but my vhosts get messed up and the default vhost isn't the
default vhost anymore.  So for now I just ignore this, but why is this,
and how do I get rid of it?

And what's the deal with the shipped sites-{enabled,available}/default 

I hope I supplied enough information. If not, feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards,

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