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Re: ALSA won't detect SB128

On Tuesday June 17, 2003 at 00:30
Dr Garret Cotter <garret@mrao.cam.ac.uk> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I'm running unstable on a P3 750 / Intel D815EEA box with a
> Soundblaster 128 (SB 4.1 Digital, indeed). ALSA won't even see it. I
> have installed version 0.9.4-1. Running alsaconf I get the message
> modinfo: snd: no module by that name found

When you compile your kernel, sound support has to be compiled as a
module, not static.

I havnt installed the alsa drivers using apt, does it give you binary
modules, or source you have to compile?

-johann koenig
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