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Re: ALSA won't detect SB128

On 16 Jun 2003 23:00:47 +0100
Dr Garret Cotter <garret@mrao.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I'm running unstable on a P3 750 / Intel D815EEA box with a Soundblaster
> 128 (SB 4.1 Digital, indeed). ALSA won't even see it. I have installed
> version 0.9.4-1. Running alsaconf I get the message
> modinfo: snd: no module by that name found
> repeated a couple of times and then a blue screen telling me that no
> supported PnP cards were found. 
> FWIW, if I try running esd I get the message 
> /dev/dsp: No such device
> So maybe there's something more subtle than a break in ALSA?
> Frustratingly as ever it's all rosy under Windows so I don't think it's
> a hardware problem. 
> Any suggestions? What other diagnostics should I post? 

Did it work under OSS, prior to jumping in to ALSA?  The message
suggests a driver/module that isn't present.  Like OSS, ALSA relies
on soundcore; is that in?  What does lsmod say?  What does the
alsa portion of your /etc/modules.conf look like?


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