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Re: [OT] prune cups job log

On Sun, 1 Jun 2003 22:37:36 +0200
Alex Polite <m2@plusseven.com> wrote:

> Thanks. But the job log doesn't seem to be located with the other cups
> logs in /var/log/cups. 
> I've also grepped for it like so:
> zgrep smbprn $(locate cups) 2>/dev/null
> With no results. (smbprn is a string that shows up on the job log web
> interface)

Ahh, so it's not.

Your print job records are located in /var/spool/cups, with one *file* per

So you can delete all the job files older than a certain date, or perhaps
tar and zip them.

There oughta be a better way ... :)


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