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Re: Ad-hoc 802.11b internet access

Thanks for the suggestions.  A question...

With the Internet connection and now the Wireless connection, the laptop
has two addresses.

Which one should be the default gateway for the PDA?


On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 10:00, Mark Roach wrote:
>  On Sun, 2003-06-08 at 22:36, Bret Comstock Waldow wrote:
> [...]
> > I want to get access to the internet from the PDA.  I've been reading
> > some on the net - but the sources are mixed, of mixed antiquity, and I
> > don't know enough to discern what to listen to, whose configuration file
> > surgery to attempt, etc.  I don't just want to thrash around, but
> > there's too much out there I don't know the relevance of to want to try
> > to chew through it all.  Some talk about distros and boot-up sequences I
> > don't have, and there are other differences I can't evaluate.
> > 
> > Has anyone done something like this?  It's called "Internet Connection
> > Sharing" on Windows.  Some sources call it NAT, some invoke ipmasq, or
> > masquerading.
> Lots of people do this (including me :)). The one thing you will have to
> do no matter what is set the laptop's address as the PDA's default
> gateway.
> Here's a quick-n-dirty way to get it working:
> (as root)
> modprobe ipchains
> ipchains -P forward DENY
> ipchains -A forward -i eth0 -j MASQ
> echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
> and then, when you are ready to set up a real firewall, I would
> recommend shorewall, it has lots of good documentation and is very
> flexible but simple.
> -Mark
Bret Comstock Waldow <bwaldow@alum.mit.edu>

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