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3 Question:Kernel 2.5.69, sensors and mplayer


1) I am running debian unstable and tried kernel 2.5.69. when I install
it however, it comes passed the point saying "Loading kernel....", then
the bios check. Then after the Uncompressing kernel it freezes. I
disable the boot logos and also double checked my memory and processor
settings, but to no avail. Somebody by any chance had the same problem?
I am running an Athlon XP1800+, Gigabyte 7va-c mb, 512mb ddr333(not
registered),geforce mx2. Current kernel is 2.4.20(recompiled)

2) On this point, anybody got the mb and cpu sensors working for this

3) Can somebody tell me what is needed for mplayer to autodetect my alsa
drivers? XMMS is workings perfectly with alsa plugin, and so is Xine.
I'm still brushing up on my scripting skills... With mplayer configure
it just states  the follownig
Checking for OSS Audio ... yes
Checking for ALSA audio ... no
I also tried forcing it with --enable-alsa. I installed alsa-source and
compiled it with make-kpkg.

Really hope somebody can help me with some of these questions.


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