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Re: add a guest user?

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 09:53:03PM -0700, Vineet Kumar wrote:
> * ScruLoose (scruloose+debuser@eastlink.ca) [030602 21:42]:
> > 
> > I'm wondering whether there's any 'standard' way to set up a guest
> > account on my machine.  It would be mostly used for friends coming over
> > and wanting to check Hotmail in Mozilla, and such.
> If your friends really are your friends[1] -- that is, you're not too
> worried about security -- there are many easy ways of doing this.  You
> could even just allow them to use your own account.  On a desktop
> machine at home, I allow my own user account to log in to gdm without a
> password, so my girlfriend can use my account without me trying to spell
> out my password.

Yeah... I have so far been just letting 'em use my own account.  I have no
fear of malicious activity, but I have given a fair amount of power to my
own user account, and if somebody were to use a 'mv' or an 'rm' in the
wrong place by accident, I could stand to lose a large-ish collection of
anime...  And we're not talking about highly savvy users here.

> I use pam_listfile to specify that its sufficient for a username to be
> in my /etc/gdmusers file to allow login sans password.  The machine's
> off right now, so I can't paste in the line, but if you want it, I can
> do it tomorrow; just ask.  I'd bet you could figure it out yourself if
> you look at the linux pam system administrator's guide for pam_listfile
> and the use of "sufficient".

I'm sure I can just adapt this to a guest account and then start setting
permissions manually...

So I guess you're saying no, there's no handy pre-packaged way of setting
up a guest account.  ;-)

> [1] friends don't let friends use hotmail, though...

Well, I do make fun of them for it.
One of these days I'll be enough of a sysadmin to just run my *own*
webmail server (maybe toss in Bogofilter, too)  and present it as an

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