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Re: About to format the hard drive for the 3rd Debian installation-helpppp

Am I supposed to remove all files and links manually, 'cos Qt does not have any make unintsall or make remove ?


Jamin W. Collins wrote:

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 07:03:08PM -0400, Hamid wrote:
The last BAD thing I have done is:
I compiled and installed the new Qt (3.2beta1) and guess what ? KDE
does not work any more.

Maybe I'm a little confused here, but you're suprised that install
"beta" software breaks things?  I'm sorry if that sounds a bit harsh,
but if you're not ready for things to break in unknown and new ways,
stick to stable released versions of software.

I removed and re-installed KDE3.1 with libqt-mt 3.1 but no difference.

Did you completely remove the 3.2beta1 installation?

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