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Re: About to format the hard drive for the 3rd Debian installation-helpppp

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On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 07:03:08PM -0400, Hamid wrote:
> I removed and re-installed KDE3.1 with libqt-mt 3.1 but no difference.
> Still I get the same error message:
> "libkdefx.so.4 : undefined symbol: _ZN6QStyle6polishEP12QApplication "

This is like threatening to shoot yourself in the head because your
cardoor got a scratch, but OK...

Purge everything KDE and QT related, reinstall them.  Try testing
things you compile in a chroot jail, on another machine, or keep the
original .debs handy in the future.

> So please help me before I format my drive ;-)

Note that this approach isn't one that'll normally one that will win
you responses, it wouldn't surprise me if more than a few people
thought, "Hmm, this guy is threatening himself for my help, he's
obviously the most balanced and patient person to volunteer to help."
8:o)  ESR has come up with some good pointers on how to avoid such a
reaction from people.


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