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Re: apt resources

Quoting james leclair <jleclair@onlinesupport.ca>:

> Hello all. Can anyone suggest, or would you even recommend at all for that 
> matter, some good non-official apt sources for debs that are not officially 
> supported by the project? Particularly for software that is not available 
> in any of the current active branches of woody. And while were on the topic 
> of apt, how could i specify two or more repositories for packages in my 
> sources file and have it ask me from which one to retrieve from when doing 
> an update or install? I don't mean in the sense where I provide 2 or more 
> mirrored repositories for the sake of redundancy and fault tolerance, but 
> for the sake of say references to both testing and unstable(or in the case 
> of my original question an official site and a non-official one) in my 
> sources list and apt requesting me to specify which location to pull from. 
> I think I may have heard it referred to as "pinning". Is this correct? 
> Well, thanks in advance to any advice or suggestions any of you may have, I 
> know you all have an opinion:) This mailing list is great. Long live Debian!

Regarding "pinning", see the following:

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