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Re: Anti Virus Software

Quoting "Jeffrey L. Taylor" <jeff@austinblues.dyndns.org>:

> Quoting Vivek Kumar <vivek@gorave.net>:
> > Hi guys,
> > 
> > Any recommendation for email anti-virus software ??
> > 
> > Thanks a bunch for your help..
> > 
> amavisd-new and ClamAV (free in both senses) and H+BEDV's AntiVir and
> F-Prot (both zero cost for personal, non-commercial use).  All three
> have programs to update the signature database (put them in a cron job).
> OpenAntiVirus (OAV) is free, written in Java, and updated
> infrequently.  ClamAv takes the OAV database as a starting point and
> updates it frequently.  Plus is is written in C (less memory and CPU
> needed).
> If you were only going to run one, I'd pick AntiVir, F-Prot, and
> ClamAV in descending order.  However, each has caught a virus that the
> other two missed.
> For commercial use, there are several good ones.  RAV has just been
> acquired by MicroSoft.  It is considered likely that Linux support
> will be dropped.  License term are a major selling point.  Licenses
> can be per-user, per-server, or per-domain.
> Jeffrey
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Regarding virus protection under GNU/Linux in general, how essential is it?  I'm
a recent convert from the Microsoft world, where virus protection is essential.
 I've also heard reports that virus protection under GNU/Linux isn't as
necessary, as the typical user has restricted privileges, as well as the fact
that most viruses seem to target Microsoft systems.  Any thoughts on this?  


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