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Re: Adding 3Ware RAID to existing Debian


On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 10:54:23PM +1000, Col Mackrory wrote:
Is it possible to add a 3Ware IDE Escalade 7000 to a working Debian (3.0)
system - and thus mirror the existing drive.?

For RAID the controler adds RAID data to the hard drives. Building a new RAID deletes all data, so you will only be able to use the controler as a normal IDE controler but not as a RAID controler if you wish to preserve your data.

If you build a RAID array (backuping your data first, then restoring it), you should be aware that you will not be able to access your data with another controler (e.g. a normal IDE controler). You need the same RAID controler that created the array (meaning you're using RAID 1).

I am thinking of purchasing a 3Ware card - and a second disk to do RAID 1. I
am assuming since the first drive may be smaller than the second new drive -
I would be mirroring the size of the first drive - and the rest of the space
on the newer (larger) drive is lost?

Yes. If the discs have different sizes, the smallest size will be used, the difference is lost. So you should use the same discs for mirroring (or any other RAID array).

Lastly - assuming my existing hard drive is relatively small (say 6Gb) - and
the new drive is (say) 40Gb - after I have the second disk synced - could I
then replace the first drive with a (say) 40 Gb and then make use of the
full drive as a mirror - either by extending the partition size or by adding
another partition - or am I really nuts????

Urgs, that is an interesting question. Of course you can remove a disc from an array and add a new disc, but I don't know, if the size will change.

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