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Re: Anyone using an LS-120 or "Superdisk" with debian?

Nomad <nomad***@***absamail.co.za> writes:

> >You just have to add support for IDE-floppies to the kernel, (I have no
> >idea whether Debians standardkernel has that) then it shows up as
> >/dev/hdX (X dependent on your config).
> Thanks for that, I'll look into it.
> Is that only for the internal drives, or will the external/parallel
> port version work that way too?

That's only for the internal drives. For a parallel port version, you
probably have to look at the kernels support for "Parallel port IDE
device support" (CONFIG_PARIDE), but I haven't tried that (only have an
internal drive).


Henrik Christian Grove
Student of Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen

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