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Re: About to format the hard drive for the 3rd Debian installation-helpppp

Next time, if you wish to use beta software or mess around, create a
directory called say /opt/kde3 and /opt/kde3/qt3 or even $HOME/kde3 or
$HOME/qt3 or whatever..

Give only youre user (i.e not root) complete access, and then install into
there, i.e:

# ./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3 blah!..blah! (for kde)


# ./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3/qt3 blah!..blah! (for qt3)

Add /opt/kde3/lib and /opt/kde3/qt3/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf and
also add the paths to youre default path, preferable before the default ones,
that way it will (should) look into the /opt directories first, then if
all goes wrong, just do:

# rm -rf /opt/kde3

This will keep youre system nice and clean, as as you are doing this as a
mere mortal, rather than root, you will not have write permissions to the
main directory structure, thus the normal sytem is nice and safe

Hope that helps


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