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Apache mod-ssl HOWTOs?

Hi everybody,

I've got apache 1.3 installed and running pretty much "straight out of
the box", and I have mod-ssl installed but not configured yet.  
On a Woody box, that is.

I want to have regular http access to most of the stuff on my server,
but also a "private" area that would require https *and* some sort of
user authentication (I assume auth-basic over https would be fine).

I have a single, dynamic IP address; so my domain is accessed through
dynDNS.  According to the mod-ssl manual, I canNOT solve this using
virtualhosts... https virtualhosts won't work without having separate IP
addresses, apparently.

So I *think* what I need to do is to have two separate invocations of
apache running all the time: one listening for http on port 80 and the
other listening for https on port, umm... 443 I think it was.

Now, I'm very new to webserver administration and Apache, so I'm gonna
need a whole lot of reading materials for this.
I'd like to avoid spending money on books, and am wondering if anyone
can point me to some *detailed* on-line resources on setting up the
Apache-with-mod-ssl side of this...  Also, guides to webserver
administration in general would be highly welcome.
And finally, any info on whether there's special configuration required
in order to have these two servers running side by side on one box.  I
don't want them fighting over resources and killing each other off,

	Thanks for any pointers.
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