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Re: Anti Virus Software

M. Kirchhoff wrote:

Regarding virus protection under GNU/Linux in general, how essential is it?  I'm
a recent convert from the Microsoft world, where virus protection is essential.
I've also heard reports that virus protection under GNU/Linux isn't as
necessary, as the typical user has restricted privileges, as well as the fact
that most viruses seem to target Microsoft systems. Any thoughts on this?

My opinion only -- if you're not running any services for Windows clients (email, ftp, file sharing, etc), anti-virus apps just suck up resources on your Linux box. Perhaps someday viruses on the Linux platform might be more prevalent, but even then, they're not going to have the same impact that they do on Windows. Until that someday, I wouldn't bother, unless, like I indicate, you're serving/storing files for Windows clients, which might be infected and passed/stored through your Linux box.


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