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Re: AIC7xxx drivers Thunder K7x Pro .. booting off SCSI INSTEAD?

On Sun, Jun 01, 2003 at 01:47:43PM -0400, Paul Matuszewski wrote:
> Rebuilt using the aic79xx driver from adaptec.. just realeased.. a day ago?
> NO WAY :)
> Configured it by modifying the aic7xxx drivers in the linux2.4.20 kernel
> package..
> made my own kernel.. got it going..


> Now my question is.. is there a way I make a rescue disk so if this fails..
> I still have that scsi module?

mkboot, perhaps?

> Or more importantly.. how can I transfer everything over to the SCSI Drive..
> including the boot sectors.. so I can boot off the SCSI disk.. instead..
> removing the IDE DEVICE

Someone else has already answered this in your other thread, using
almost exactly the same method that I was going to offer. For other
methods, have a look at this list the last few weeks. Everyone has
their own method, it seems; they all work, so take your pick.


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