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Re: An advice for VPN

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 04:20, Massimo Villa wrote:
> I have 30 users that for about 7 days in year need communicate with
> central Office useing SQL services, some Word's documents and Excel's
> files. I think to create a VPN LAN-TO-LAN or client mode.
> Is it sufficient to use a freewan VPN system to Linux (and in this
> case which is the requirements) or using a dedicated hardware as Cisco
> VPN concentrator?

It depends (the one true answer to all questions :-)). Freeswan is great
for lan-to-lan connections. If you are doing only lan-to-lan I would
definitely recommend freeswan over the cisco vpn concentrator.

for "road-warriors", ie general tunnel connections to users with dynamic
addresses, it is a little trickier since often these will be windows
systems and freeswan doesn't run on windows which means that you will
need to find some ipsec software that works on windows and can talk with
freeswan. In this scenario, I have found the cisco vpn concentrator to
be very easy to manage and deploy on a wide range of client systems.

It's hard to make a recommendation without knowing exactly what your
situation is going to be, but freeswan and cisco both have their good


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