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Re: /bin/bash: Permission denied

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On Monday 02 June 2003 14:01, gabriel meier wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some strange Problems with my user login here:
> Any time I log in with any user but root I get the following message:
> Cannot execute /bin/bash: Permission denied
> So login is possible at the moment only for root.
> I checked all the user rights of / /bin /bin/bash and its dependend libs
> and they were OK. etc/passwd is OK, too.
> This error occures with any shell I have, so it can't be a problem with
> bash itself.
> I would be greatful for every idea you have.
> Gabriel

Log in as root  than type:
strace login

now follow the output of the system call on your screen, when you see the 
program is waiting for something, (after a read system call), it's time to 
enter the username and the same for the password. Strace reviels which files 
are opened and  when you are returned to you shell check the last output and 
go back until you see something like permission denied.

Elie De Brauwer 
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