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Re: /bin/bash: Permission denied

On Friday 13 June 2003 15:58 Elie De Brauwer wrote:

> On Friday 13 June 2003 20:17, Gabriel Meier wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I solved the Problem some hours ago. I guess I checked every single lib,
> > but not the directory. It was set to 666. as a user, you seem to need 7.
> > I've no Idea, why it works for root without it.
> > Anyway, thanks for all the help.
> That's very simple, that is because root is the owner of /, root had
> permission to do _anything_

ok, i know root may do anything, but i guess the rights are not useless. So 
how may i use them, if root deosn't care?

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