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Re: Anti Virus Software

Quoting M. Kirchhoff <listless@0ubliette.org>:
> Regarding virus protection under GNU/Linux in general, how essential is it?  I'm
> a recent convert from the Microsoft world, where virus protection is essential.
>  I've also heard reports that virus protection under GNU/Linux isn't as
> necessary, as the typical user has restricted privileges, as well as the fact
> that most viruses seem to target Microsoft systems.  Any thoughts on this?  

Running amavisd-new and ClamAv is a load even a 133MHz 486 can handle,
at least for a load of 600-700 messages per weekday.  Adding
SpamAssassin brings the same machine to its knees.  IMHO, If you are going
run amavisd-new and SpamAssassin, you might as well run a virus
scanner (or three).  Someday some bright cracker is going to figure out
how to wrap a remote root exploit in an e-mail.  Might as well be

Act now!  Or spend your life in quarantine with the Windows Lusers!
This one time offer is only good til BrightCracker strikes!  It will
not be repeated!


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