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Re: apt-get can't find nvidia contributed driver package

On Wed, 04 Jun 2003 06:34:10 -0400
Jack Dodds <brmdamon@aci.on.ca> wrote:

> After posting my original message, I discovered the earlier exchange
> titled "nvidia video cards", including an opinion that the nvidia
> package works only if recompiled, so getting nvidia may not solve my
> problem.
> But if I could use a more up to date version of nv, that would be good
> too.  Can I update nv alone, or do I have to update all of XFree86?  If
> I update XFree86, will that result in even more related packages being
> updated? Is the procedure straightforward? I'm totally new to Linux, and
> I really don't need to try to learn on "testing", or on a system that
> has a bunch of possible version incompatibilities.

Working backwards, there's no way to update just nv; I believe you need at
least the testing version of XFree86 to get X working without the NVIDIA

NVIDIA's drivers are a combination of a proprietary binary (pre-compiled)
core and the source code for a wrapper. Whether you use the Debian packages
or you get the tarballs straight from NVIDIA you'll need to do some
compiling (but you'll hardly feel a thing). :)


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