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[no subject] 0 bytes Packages files!!! 148 bugreports for package descriptions 2.0 boot floppies About /etc/rcS.d/*.sh being sourced About names, or "are we really that unprofessional" About the Hamm Freeze acroread 3.0-1 problems Adding and removing a user automatically adding software Adopting gpc AfterStep again: gperf still missing in action! Almost 3000 outstanding bugs more than 60 days old! And the last one Re: Another Newbie question Another run of hamm/main dependency check Antonio Ojea Anyone got a hamm development box? Anyone in touch with upstream brec/bplay authors? apache package oddity?? Archive Maintenance - make it a job? Archive organization Are we in this for ourselves? ARGHH gnats-3.104_2 DISASTER!! Re: ARGHH gnats-3.104_2 DISASTER!! [recovered] ATTENTION GTK-USING PACKAGE MAINTAINERS! Auctex failing autoconf, setjmp.h and sigsetjmp() automating custom package installation AutoRPM autoup v0.22 released (finally) ax25-utils name change Backspace bug Base-passwd issues batchbuild several kernels (was: Re: Bug#19546: ...) Re: Best Book for Linux/Unix Re: bind-8.1.1 and the freeze -bin packages from libraries bo links in hamm bootdisk problems boot floppy problems Re: BOUNCE debian-devel@Infodrom.North.DE: Admin request Broken rescue disks and perpendicular mode Bruce bttv ? Bug#10205: marked as done (perl 5.004-1 can't handle locales) Bug#11991: fakeroot runs commands from the current directory Bug#13354: marked as done (freefont : /etc/X11/xfs/config) Re: Bug#13456: teTeX non-Free Re: Bug#13849: netstd should predepend on libreadlineg2 Re: Bug#15080: seyon: bad location in menus Bug#15378: marked as done (OO-Browser hangs when building Eiffel environment) Bug#15794: marked as done (xemacs20: auctex info file mssing) Bug#16033: marked as done (x3270 is not DFSG free?) Bug#17695: marked as done (kon2: several packaging bugs) Re: Bug#18233: libtool: doesn't add shared library dependency info Re: Bug#18822: cvs-buildpackage: can't pass -I ! to cvs import Re: Bug#19031: lintian: linitian -h fails with no help message Bug#19032: marked as forwarded (bsdgames: quiz doesn't know czechoslovakia doesn't exist anymore) Re: Bug#19135: fetchmail: fetchmail tries to fetchmail every time my demand dialed ppp connection goes up Bug#19152: mail2news and excluded site parameter for inews Bug#19197: a2ps gives error on legal options Bug#19197: marked as done (a2ps gives error on legal options) Bug#19215: Acknowledgement (latex2html: don't write files to /var/www !) Re: Bug#19282: defrag: md5sums-lists-nonexisting-file LI#21 Bug#19305: expect5.24: ldconfig-symlink-before-shlib-in-deb LI#40 Bug#19342: marked as done (kon2: md5sums-lists-nonexisting-file LI#77) Bug#19345: ldso: no-copyright-file LI#80 Bug#19394: marked as done (purity: md5sums-lists-nonexisting-file LI#130) Re: Bug#19417: fixed md5sums problem Bug#19437: marked as done (x3270-htmldoc: no-copyright-file LI#173) Bug#19456: Output of Anacron job `cron.weekly' (fwd) Bug#19457: crypt++el depends on emacs Bug#19458: tm depends on emacs | xemacs Bug#19459: dpkg-http: It put my packages files in /ftp ! Bug#19460: libjpeg-dev Bug#19461: comerrg-dev: error in postinst Bug#19462: latex2html breaks menu Bug#19463: xfmix should be in contrib Bug#19464: libgtkmm-dev: gtk--.h fails to compile Bug#19465: remove wdb Bug#19466: cron: init script error Bug#19467: devscripts: uscan fails to find latest version Bug#19468: tetex-bin: makeinfo old Re: Bug#19837: ncsa: can't handle the deletion of /etc/init.d/ncsa Re: Bug#20019: Booting from any Kernel hangs (fwd) Re: Bug#20068: swig: dpkg thinks 1.5p5-1 < 1.5.b5.p2-1 Re: Bug#20241: Timezones should depend on debian-utils Bug#20254: No support for smbfs on 2.0.x kernels Bug#20445: general: frozen has packages which depend on kernel 2.1.x Re: Bug#20445: marked as done (general: frozen has packages Bug#20445: marked as done (general: frozen has packages which depend on kernel 2.1.x) Bug#8701: #8701: Spurious warning from perl POSIX module. Bug#9067: #9067: segmentation fault from perl cmp Bug#9814: #9814: perl and stdio Bug#9957: #9957: perl: perl is nasty about carriage returns now? Bug Reports (Re: Bug#19456: Output of Anacron job `cron.weekly' (fwd)) Bug Terrorism and 'move xpm' - statement Building glibc 2.0.7 using hamm Building my first package build problems Re: Bye Bruce the cache-A20 bugSome of the standard 2.0.29 and 2.0.30 kernels were rebooting Cannot start my binaries anymore can't cut and paste with gpm can't find my PGP key for package upload CD of frozen CDs of unstable Cecking Bug archive time stamps changing doom's upstream source chiark upload queue chiark upload queue now empty. DO NOT UPLOAD TWICE chord_3.6.1-2_i386.changes INSTALLED (fwd) Re: CNAME records (was: Re: dynamic DNS within a non-dynamic domain) Configuring default paper size confused contrib Packages contrib Packages file Coonnecting to a Win 95 Drive Over LAN copyright change question "Copyright" is rather difficult... Re: Cron run-parts /etc/cron.weekly cross-compilers Crypto export Currrent plan with kerberos, package divisions and compilation options cvs-buildpackage usage CVS-inject and cvs-upgrade: new behaviour CVS is too old for glibc daily updated lintian reports Dangling bug reports ddd/lesstif (was Re: why ddd-?motif are gone from archive?) ddd type textmode implimentation Deadlock during bo->hamm upgrade Dealing with bugs fixed in non-maintainer releases (was Re: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before releasing Hamm) debhelper dh_make utility Debian 2.0 freeze time Debian book update? Re: Debian Bug#20445 disagree Debian Commercial? DebianDevelopers t-shirt graphics available [ Unidentified subject!] Re: debian-emacs-policy debian mca (was Re: UNIX and ease of use) Debian Packaging Manual: where? Debian Retail Package design contest The last update was on 19:47 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2688 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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