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Re: Bug#19031: lintian: linitian -h fails with no help message

	Umm, I think lintian used to have a conffile, namely:
 /etc/lintianrc. I notice that in the latest version that there is no
 conffile declared, and, in fact, /etc does not even figure in the
 package list.

	As a matter of policy, I think any package that used to have a
 conffile but does not anymore should take care of that in the
 postinst (as the person about it, and removbe it; or move it to
 Ex-Conffile.bak, so that one knows it is ok to remove it.

	In This particular case, eihter declare /etc/linitanrc as a
 conffile, or pay no attention to it at all in the program, and remove
 it in the postinst.

	Feel free to move this to the Policy list about actions
 required after dropping a config file. (If the ex config files is not
 handled in the postinst, it shall hang around, clutttering up /etc
 with files that belong to no package)

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