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Re: Are we in this for ourselves?

Bruce Perens wrote:

> Well, "the world" becomes more important if you happen to have a job in
> computer programming. My job will probably move from Unix to Microsoft
> NT systems - it's the stated goal of my boss at the moment. When that
> happens, I'll probably find another job, but it looks as if Unix systems
> folks won't be such a hot property forever - unless we work at promoting
> Linux. So "the world" and "me" work out to be pretty much the same thing
> in this case.

> At the Democracy conference, I'm talking about how to keep Microsoft from
> being the computer equivalent of a totalitarian world government.

As soon as my current project is wrapped up (any week now) I will be given a
spanking new Pentium II and asked to crank out Windows software. I'll only see
my UNIX workstations when I fix serious bugs over the next year, as the product
is twilighted.

The platform doesn't bother me much personally, as long as I can work on
interesting software. But it does bother me that the market for UNIX, a superior
OS, is so low that we can't bother supporting it, at least on the desktop. Sure,
we can make UNIX sales, but I can generate more sales working on Windows.

Now, that is work. I'll really be pissed if I have to run M$ at home!

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