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About names, or "are we really that unprofessional"


Let me remind all of the people interested in this discussion,
about their profession. I presume that we, here on debian
_developers_ list, are mostly technical kind of people.

Usually we hate when some "marketoid", as we like to call "them",
interferes in "our" field of work. As for example when they ask from
mail-reader designer to put signature on top of all-quoted message in
replay or followup. Then we are angry, maybe furious.

But we also think that we are smart ones when we are in their field. We
like to call servers daemons, we like to call searching command grep, we
like to use deity for managing packages. But one of the points for deity
is to be user-friendly, intuitive, and that's because of mainstream user,
to win him from windows. That will include marketing knowledge, and not
amateur selected, like we have. So we are in their field, we should listen
to them.

To conclude, I think that we all need to cool down a little bit, and
read again Bruce's arguments. On the end he is the one who have to sell
this outside. We have our lovely cryptic dpkg. :-)

Tomislav Vujec                         Tomislav.Vujec@CARNet.hr
To understand recursion, one must first understand recursion...

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