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Re: Bug#20241: Timezones should depend on debian-utils

Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> writes:

> According to Topi Miettinen:


> > I thought so too until Richard Braakman enlightened me: bash checks if the
> > file is regular file, if not, opens it without O_EXCL. Which is worse,
> > zapping /etc/passwd or /dev/hda? :-(
> You're kidding! I should ofcourse have investigated bash, but I once
> wrote a Posix shell myself (years ago) [that's why I know about much of the
> obscure Posix stuff] and I did use O_EXCL.

All the shells I tried except ash seem to do this.  bash and ksh have
race conditions (statting the file before opening it) so you could
clobber a regular file anyway, although it might be a bit unlikely to
hit two races successfully.  zsh tries with O_EXCL, then tries again
without it if that fails and fstats the fd.

ash doesn't know about -C.

It seems to me that if all these shells behave the same, they must be
doing it on purpose.  I wouldn't be surprised if it *is* so they can
write to /dev/null when -C is set.

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