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Re: -bin packages from libraries

On 3 Mar 1998, Ben Pfaff wrote:

>    Currently, what I've done with aalib is make aalib1-dev contain the example
>    programs in /usr/doc/aalib1-dev/examples/. I could do this for the gltt
>    examples as well. But, I'd personally like to have fire and logo on my
>    system, they are neat little programs. I wonder if people feel it's worth
>    splitting off a -bin package which will contain only a few, trivial programs
>    like these?
> If they're useful programs, they deserve to be packaged, whether you
> name them {aalib,gltt}-bin or actually name the package after the programs
> themselves.

Doesn't the policy manual (Section 3.3.3) recommend the name

Jean Pierre

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