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Re: Auctex failing

* Zed Pobre
| I'm having an odd problem with Auctex and Emacs20, and I wanted to ask
| here if I've done something wrong before I file a bug report.
| I've installed emacs20 20.2-2, emacsen-common 1.3-1, and auctex 9.9a-1.
| Looking in the README.Debian file in /usr/doc/auctex, it says that users
| will have to add a (require 'tex-site) to the .emacs.  I did that.  Now
| whenever I attempt to go into tex-mode or latex-mode, or emacs attempts to
| do it for me (such as when loading a .tex file), the following error pops
| up:
| File mode specification error: (file error "Cannot open load file" "tex")

I'd think the problem is that /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp is installed
with too restrictive permission. It stopped mailcrypt at least. I have
already filed a bug report.

| And Emacs won't even go into its own *native* tex-mode.  Yanking and
| reinstalling emacs didn't help.  I purged my bo version of Emacs before I
| installed Emacs20.  Is there a file somewhere that needs to be deleted?
| Is there an instruction that I missed?  If not, I'm planning to file a bug
| report with severity: grave, but I wanted to ask here before doing that so
| close to code-freeze.

Mine has severity normal. I suppose you could raise it...

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