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Re: Bug#18822: cvs-buildpackage: can't pass -I ! to cvs import


	[I am copying this to debian-devel; on that list, please do
	not CC to 18822@bugs.debian.org; I shall summarize the

>>"Roderick" == Roderick Schertler <roderick@argon.org> writes:

Roderick> It would be helpful if there was some way to pass -I ! to
Roderick> the underlying cvs import command when running cvs-upgrade.
Roderick> Without this packages which use files whose names match the
Roderick> default ignore list simply can't use cvs-upgrade.

	There is a way. You should look into CVS documentation. 

   * The per-repository list in `$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/cvsignore' is
     appended to the list, if that file exists.

   * The per-user list in `.cvsignore' in your home directory is
     appended to the list, if it exists.

   * Any entries in the environment variable `$CVSIGNORE' is appended
     to the list.

   In any of the places listed above, a single exclamation mark (`!')
clears the ignore list.  This can be used if you want to store any file
which normally is ignored by CVS.

	Because of this, I shall reduce the severity if this bug to a
 wishlist, since a reasonable work around does exist.
Roderick> It seems to me that the default should be changed so that it
Roderick> is -I !. This is the way normal Debian packages with
Roderick> pristine sources work, why should packages built with
Roderick> cvs-buildpackage be different?

	Because there are upstream sources with CVS directories in
 them that shall totally destroy the import. (Yes, such upstream
 sources exist).

	And ignoring whole directories seems to be ignored while
 generating the diffs.

	This is not as simple an issue as you seem to think.

	Perhaps the correct thing to do is to allow people to set the
 ignore list in $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/cvsignore, .cvsignore, or in
 $CVSIGNORE, as well as the cvsdeb config file, and offer to abort if
 any file names which match the pattern are met in the upstream

	However, this is a lot of work; and it is not on the top of my
 TODO list. (It is at the top of the todo list for cvs-buildpackage;
 but that is not all that I am involved with at the moment).

	Any comment are welcome.


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