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Re: About names, or "are we really that unprofessional"

>>"Tomislav" == Tomislav Vujec <Tomislav.Vujec@CARNet.hr> writes:

Tomislav> It is not about money. We want to share Unix quality with
Tomislav> others.

	Are you still sharing UNIX quality when you dumb down the OS?
 When you atart designing for people used to a lesser OS? When the
 decisions are made not on unix ease of typing, and the traditional
 CLI, but geared for the pointy-clicky interfaces?

Tomislav> It is nice to be elite, but without sharing our knowledge,
Tomislav> we could become more like scam to the rest of the world.

	We share knowledge. We help people to learn. We draw the line
 at spoon feeding people who have no intention of learning.

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