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[Stefan Waldherr <swa@cs.cmu.edu>] new urw-fonts-1.0-0.noarch.rpm

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Name        : urw-fonts                   Distribution: (none)
Version     : 1.0                               Vendor: URW
Release     : 0                             Build Date: Thu Feb 26 10:50:14 1998
Install date: (none)                        Build Host: robot-home.learning.cs.cmu.edu
Group       : X11                           Source RPM: urw-fonts-1.0-0.src.rpm
Size        : 2232943
Summary     : More fonts for X
Description :

Free versions of the 35 standard PostScript fonts. With newer releases
of ghostscript quality versions of the standard 35 Type 1 PostScript
fonts are shipped. They were donated and licenced under the GPL by
URW. The fonts.dir was specially made to match the original Adobe
names of the fonts, e.g. Times, Helvetica etc. With XFree86, these
fonts are a must to have!

I think that newer ghostscript packages come with these fonts, so the package
might be obsolete in a couple of months. However, this is a quick way to a add
a bunch of good-looking fonts to your X server. 

The sources for this package come from gimp.org. Don't forget to make the
changes in your XF86config and restart your X server.

Have fun,
Stefan Waldherr                office +1 (412) 268-3837
                                  fax +1 (412) 268-5576
                               e-Mail swa@cs.cmu.edu
                                  www http://www.waldherr.org/

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