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Re: Are we in this for ourselves?

bruce@va.debian.org writes:

> > Though I couldn't care less what you call me, many here don't deserve
> > this.
> Agreed. There are a lot of good Debian developers that I have a lot of
> respect for. But from what I'm hearing today you'd think Ayn Rand was in
> charge of the project. There's no reason for me to hang around and deal
> with that sort of stuff.


(BTW, who is Ayn Rand?)

I see it another way.  I see it like this: Debian has an absolutely
HUGE number of developers.  This is really great.  But it is causing a 
few problems.

I think that with such a large body of developers, we can afford to
become a bit more selective about who we either accept or who we allow 
to stay with Debian.  My vote is to get rid of the "bad apples".  And
by this, I don't mean get rid of new people or people that don't
maintain a lot of packages or whatever.  I mean get rid of the people
that insist on causing trouble for us and get in the way of things
running smoothly.  We need to have a procedure for the removal of a

I recall back to the KDE debate -- that thing really ended because the 
KDE maintainer voluntarily left.  We need to get more aggressive about 
weeding the garden here.  The weeds need to go.  And soon.  That way,
there is more room for the good folks to grow :-)

We also need a non-silent project leader.  Debian needs more
leadership, not less.

Bruce, if nothing else, please stay on through the release of 2.0.
This is a rather critical time.  And with nobody designated to replace 
you, I feel that matters could take a serious turn for the worse as we 
try to work out who is in charge.


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