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Re: Bug#15080: seyon: bad location in menus

On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, Yann Dirson wrote:

>Joey Hess writes:
> > Something like Apps/Comm or Apps/Modem might be better. The problem is that
> > only 2 or 3 programs would go in such a menu, and this is why it hasn't been
> > added yet. This complaint about seyon and minicom going in Apps/Net is
> > becoming common, though, so I'm tending to lean more toward a new menu
> > location for them.
>I think the xtel program *could* be moved in an Apps/Modem menu.
>Aren't there also some other programs that would fit there (kermit and
>such) ?

Personally I'd push for Apps/Comm in preference to Apps/Modem, so as to
follow the package section... Joost? As the maintainer of the menu
package, what do you think?

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