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Re: About names, or "are we really that unprofessional"

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 04, 1998 at 11:14:42AM +0100, Tomislav Vujec wrote:
> >
> > It is not about money. We want to share Unix quality with others. It is
> But is it an active share, or a passive share? Do we need to push
> our product down Windows users' throats? I hate that. Or are we content
> to let people find our product if they are looking, perhaps only
> competing within the Linux or Unix market?

IMHO difference between active and passive share is in our willing for
presentation and marketing. I think that we should not be content with
those who find us. It is always hard to find something that is not
mainstream. And there are lots of intelligent people stuffed with MS
Press books, we have to fight for. I think that we shouldn't just wait
for them to find us. If they find us now instead in 1 year, we can have
1 year of user/developer work on debian.

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