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Almost 3000 outstanding bugs more than 60 days old!

I've made statistics about the bug tracking system:

Severity: critical
        Total:                2
        Old bugs:             0 (more than 60 days old)

Severity: grave
        Total:                3
        Old bugs:             1 (more than 60 days old)

Severity: normal
        Total:             3824
        Old bugs:          2598 (more than 60 days old)

Severity: wishlist
        Total:              429
        Old bugs:           310 (more than 60 days old)

        Total:          4258
        Old bugs:       2909    (more than 60 days old)

I think we shoud take advantage of the release of hamm to try to close all
the outdated bug reports: the majority of the old ones are solved but not

Remco Blaakmeer sent automated messages to the maintainers one month ago,
but it was not very efficient...

Btw, I'm not sure that request@bugs and control@bugs work. Could anyone
check that? Thanks.

Hugo Haas         <Hugo.Haas@via.ecp.fr>     <http://www.via.ecp.fr/~hugo/>
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