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[jews@imada.ou.dk: BurnIT v0.1 released]

Anyone about to package it?



-----Forwarded message from Jesper Pedersen <jews@imada.ou.dk>-----


I have just released BurnIT-0.1

BurnIT is a graphical front-end to cdrecord and mkisofs
written in JAVA. It supports the multisession feature.

I'll only send a message to this list when I release a
0.x version. 0.xx versions can only be found at the homepage.

Check it out and send me a comment what you think.

BurnIT's homepage:



  Jesper Pedersen
  Author of BurnIT

Jesper Pedersen                             e-mail : jews@imada.ou.dk
Bjoernevangen 20tv                 URL : http://www.imada.ou.dk/~jews
DK-5260 Odense S                                 Phone : +45-65915039
Denmark                                                 Linux rulez !

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