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"hamm" installation experience


Today I installed another "hamm" machine from scratch, this time with
the newer boot diskettes.  When I tried to use the "ftp" method it
complained that it can't find some module used by it (IO/Ftp?  I
didn't make a record of this since I was pressed in time).  The main
point is that I had to download the packages (mainly the perl package)
manually from the ftp site before I could get back and continue with

I also missed the http method.  It would be great to have it as part
of the boot disks.

Apart from these problems, and having dhcp installation still depend
on /etc/init.d/functions (which is not provided in the base
diskettes), everything went smoothly.  A real pleasure to run.

It would also be nice to somehow make the qmail-src installation
smoother in the sense that it eventually provides an MTA, so mailx and
the other dependent packages won't force me to install other MTA's.
Maybe the "config" stage of qmail-src may contain an optional
invocation of "build-qmail" and "dpkg -i qmail"?

Thanks for all the great work you are doing!


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