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Crypto export

Good morning folks... here I am back to debian-devel!

Well, one of the packages I registered to do is edssl. [If you
know what this is, or you're not interested, skip this
paragraph.] It is a SSL "dumb" proxy; this means it encrypts,
decrypts and forward connections. You can connect to it with
http and it connects to somewhere else as shhtp, working as a
shhtp proxy for Lynx and export Mozilla, for example; or it can
accept a shttp connection and forward it as http, adding shttp
to any web server; or it can do the same for news, or anything
that has an "s" equivalent; there's even a setup to encrypt X.

Problem is, the original developer is in US. When I found this
out (I didn't knew at first, because I downloaded from replay) I
thought, "well damn, no deal". But then we came out with the
idea of printing the (rather small) sources and getting them
mailed to me. I know this is legal, but would it be acceptable
for Debian?


The alternative would be learning libSSLeay and adding support
to it to either Lynx, Mozilla or squid. I tend to like squid
better of these, mostly because its sources are more
understandable; I know very little of crypto and I'm a C-grade
(from A to E) programmer. I'm sticking my head into this only
because, as I've been seeing some shortage of non-us developers,
I feel a kind of obligation to package something for non-us.

The disadvantage of dealing with squid is, of course it would be
shhtp-only (no snews). But then I believe SSLeay support will be
added to Mozilla by _someone_ before April 10th ;-) [and this is
a generous guess, a more audacious one would be April 3rd].

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